Dr. Gartner offers therapy and consultation services in New York And Baltimore

Dr. Gartner offers therapy and consultation services in NEW YORK and BALTIMORE.
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The answer lies in our genes, according to psychologist John Gartner.

Hypomania, a genetically based form of mild mania, endows many of us with energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and a propensity for taking risks. America has an extraordinarily high number of hypomanics—grandiose types who leap on every wacky idea that occurs to them, utterly convinced it will change the world. Market bubbles and ill-considered messianic crusades can be the downside. But there is an enormous upside as well, in spectacular entrepreneurial zeal, drive for innovation and material success. Americans may have a lot of crazy ideas, but some of them prove to be brilliant inventions.


The Year In Ideas

John Garnter and The Hypomanic Edge were featured in this year's New York Times Magazine's "The Year In Ideas".


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