"The Hypomanic Edge reveals a secret history of America, the hidden psychiatric underbelly of legendary successes and the cult of celebrity. John Gartner tells the story with gripping detail and a clinician's authority. After this book, you'll never read the business pages in quite the same way."
-- Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

"America is a land settled by adventurers and risk takers, and the mania that made it great seems to be bred into its genes. In this provocative and interesting book, John Gartner explores that theory with vivid case studies and an expert's understanding of clinical psychology."
-- Walter Isaacson, author of Benjamin Franklin

"Gartner's genius is to make visible a psychological phenomenon that is part of our history and daily lives which we didn't see before. It will change the way Americans think of themselves and incite hypomania envy among the normal people of the world."
-- Harry Segal, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, Cornell University

"Finally someone gets it. Through fabulous profiles of the likes of Carnegie, Hamilton, the Selznicks and the Mayers -- my favorites -- John D. Gartner explains how brains hardwired for success, otherwise known as hypomania, have contributed so much to the richness of our great country. Three cheers for Gartner. He recognizes that hypomania is integral to the success of those who challenge every assumption on the way to creating fabulous wealth, brilliant movies, and, yes, even a nation."
-- James Cramer, markets commentator for CNBC
and thestreet.com and author of Confessions of a Street Addict

"Examining an assortment of historical and present-day movers and shakers through the lens of modern psychiatry, Gartner has come up with a diagnosis that could well help explain what makes America, well, America. The Hypomanic Edge is a surprising -- and thoroughly engaging -- book."
-- Joe Nocera, Editorial Director of Fortune, author of A Piece of the Action

"It's very interesting...it explains a lot about America."
-- Richard Cohen, Columnist, The Washington Post (chosen as a "hot pick")

"...Engaging, and a refreshingly novel twist on psychohistory"





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